Years ago a good friend let me know how she sprouted wheat for her chickens because it had a higher nutrition value and so, being all for having healthy chickens and yummy eggs, I began sprouting wheat for our wee brood.

Our 3 day sprouting process for the chooks

Our 3 day sprouting process for the chooks

It seems though in the years of having sprouts around the place my friends began to believe that they were for me.  It wasn’t until a recent comment about how good I was with my nutrition and sprouting that I realised and had to confess!! The truth is that I’m not actually that flash with my own nutrition all the time. I often need wake up calls – like feeling that I have somehow duped my friends – to get me back into healthy eating 🙂

So, feeling a little guilty and under nourished, a have begun sprouting for me and the family along with the chooks. 🙂  It was really as simple as a buying a lid from our local organic shop, some water and choosing what to begin with. We have only embarked on chickpeas at the moment which have been a hit with a very fussy young one – Yay! They are so yummy on my salads that I keep wondering why I never did it earlier.

Chickpeas on the go.

Chickpeas on the go.

Anyway…….. They are tasty and good for you so I thought I would share a few sites with more insights into the goodness of sprouts to hopefully inspire us all and give some food for thought, myself included. 🙂

10 Reasons to eat sprouts

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Should you sprout your food?

Hope this finds you all sprouting great ideas and enjoying life.