One day till departure time…


Well it has arrived!  Yes, our move day is just one sleep away now and as I type this the house is fill with boxes (filled and empty), there is a lingering smell of cleaning products (desperately trying to get most of it done tonight) and themselves are snuggled into my bed where I will do be joining them.

Stacked and ready to load on the truck.

Stacked and ready to load on the truck

I am happy to say that while today truly tested my powers of calm, life has been very stress-less (until today :)).  The issues which surfaced just 6 weeks ago have long since gone as I have really focused on my health, partly due to the half marathon I ran a week ago (which was probably the thing that kept me on the healthy straight and narrow) and mostly because I just didn’t want to feel crap!

Coming up to the finish line of the half marathon.

Coming up to the finish line of the half marathon.

I realised sitting here just how far I have come in my health and wellbeing in a little over 2 years.  Where as before I would reach for energy drinks to keep me going, stay up late and eat for comfort I now aim for ways I can feel better about myself and happier in my days.  It isn’t always plain sailing however the rough patches have certainly lessened and become less frequent.

I can see that tapping, eating well, exercise, Bach Flowers, meditation and learning to love myself is a way of life now rather than a quick fix to be dropped once the going is good.  Writing on here and other online articles has really helped to remind me of that and the reward is a lot less stress in my days.

Hope this finds you enjoying a few stress-less days of your own.