Tapping World Summit


Apologies for the lack of blogging!  I haven’t been doing much baking lately as I have been spending time taking part in activities which make me feel renewed ……I have to confess that while I love baking the scoffing part of it doesn’t usually fill me with feelings of renewal 🙂  Hence it has taken a back seat for a while.


Sunset walks with himself

Instead I have been focusing on learning some languages, getting into nature each day, playing my guitar and getting on top of some emotional baggage.  It is amazing how much ‘rubbish’ I was holding onto, even when I thought I had dealt with issue!  After tapping each day and doing my other renewing activities, I have been blown away by the changes I have been experiencing and how much more my days are flowing.

So in case any of you want to feel a bit renewed I thought I would share this link to the Tapping World Summit.  It has been on for the last 10 days however this is a link to be able to listen and tap along to all the talks.  It is time sensitive so it will be ending very soon however I thought it was worth sharing; Tapping World Summit

I hope it gets to you in time … if not then check out YouTube for some free tap along videos on a host of topics.




Winter Wellness – Part 2 – EFT


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the healing tools I have in my kete (basket) which I have to admit was a bit out of my comfort zone the first time I tried it.  That was over a decade ago now and since then it has become an invaluable which never fails to make a positive difference in how I feel.  I regulary use it for relieving syptoms of discomfort and illness, with great results, so I thought you may like to try it too.

tapping photo

Tapping on the karate chop point

As you may know, I believe that all our health and well-being, yes all of it, comes down to our emotions.  Our emotions dictate how we interact with the world and what we do in it.  If we are feeling safe, we are more able to make good choices in our life as we operate in more of a ‘rest and digest’ state of being. If we are feeling stressed, worried or scared a different part of our nervous system kicks in and we operate out of a ‘flight or fight or freeze’ survival mode where our decisions are based on what we think we need at that moment to survive.  Obviously, there are bugs out there that can make us sick however when we are operating in ‘survival mode’ due to us feeling stressed, worried, angry etc then our immune system is impaired which make that fact, bugs will make us sick, all the more likely to occur.

Our bodies can’t heal or fight disease in our bodies if we think our safety is compromised as it is too busy worrying about survival, which is where EFT can help.  Tapping (another name for EFT) works by tapping on meridian points, which studies have shown helps calm the amygdala (a part of the brain which plays a key role in processing emotions) and thereby helps clear emotional blocks within our system. While you tap you also say statements about the issue or how you are feeling – focusing on the negative to start with and then moving to the positive – which also helps to bring the body back to that all importance place of calm and balance.  In a nutshell EFT/Tapping assists you to move through the negative (sickness, emotions or pain) by combining tapping on certain points in the body and saying how we feel about the issue we have, simple as that!   It honestly is that easy, yet it is so effective and you don’t need to get ‘tied up’ about what to say either, rather just say how you are honestly feeling.

My tapping points pic

The tapping points as portrayed by an amazing artist 🙂

Now at this point you may be saying ‘but a cold is physical, it has nothing to do with emotions’ and that is true to a point. There are two things that bring it back to the emotional though …. one, when we are stressed/angry/worried or rushing all the time our bodies go into survival mode which lowers our immune system, so allowing bugs in a little easier and two, everything we experience has an emotion attached to it.  So when we get that cold we may begin to wallow in how sick we feel, get angry about still having to do jobs, feel frustrated that being sick stops us from doing something and all of these emotions end up making us feel worse.  Tapping helps clear that emotional aspect which allows you to feel brighter and more able to cope.

Tapping/EFT is really easy to do and best of all you don’t even have to leave your bed to do it!  Even if you feel a bit silly to start with, tapping under your arm especially, after a few rounds it will help you to feel better.  There are loads of tap along videos on youtube ( I’ve listed a few below to try) however if you want a little one page quick guide, by yours truly, then here is a PDF to help you along.  If you want a more detailed look at EFT and how you can reduce your stress then try out my book ‘Take it Easy’ which you can purchased at Amazon, Smashwords and other online bookstores.  I will say though that while tapping at home and using youtube videos is great for relieving minor issues I do suggest that if anything comes up for you and you feel you have deeper work to do then please seek out a professional practitioner.


Try out my e-book for a more detailed guide on reducing stress to improve health.

Cold and congestion tap along with Nivedita Mehta

Cold tap along with Beth Tuttle

Healing tap along with Brad Yates

Cold and flu tap along with Julie Schiffman

Hope this finds you getting a bit of relief and feeling healthier each day.


The importance of getting to zero


The other week I was part of organizing a Level 1 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) course locally.  It was a wonderful day of learning, sharing and revision.  It also felt great knowing that more people were learning this amazing tool to clear issues.  There is nothing nicer, to me at least, than learning with others and touching base with those more skilled that I to confirm that what I’m doing is on track. 🙂

Tapping points (karate chop point and wrist not shown)

Tapping points (karate chop point and wrist not shown)

While the course covered material I already knew it was a good reminder of certain things and watching a more experienced ‘tapper’ dealing with issues as they arose was priceless.  One of the most important reminders I took from the day however was the importance of getting to zero.  When we begin tapping we check in with ourselves as to the intensity of the issue and give it a SUD rating.  SUD stands for Subjective Units of Distress and it is rated between 0-10 at the start and end of a round. A SUD rating of 0 being no emotional charge around the topic and 10 being highly emotionally charged.  When I first learnt EFT I was shown to keep going to zero (which is why it was so effective) and then somehow over the years of forgetting it, re-finding it and listening to many different speakers I began to focus on just getting to around a 3 in my SUD rating.  Getting to around a 3 meant that I was able to begin looking at the issue a bit more objectively.  Getting to around a 3 also meant that the pain was less and most importantly only getting to a 3 meant that it often didn’t take that long and I didn’t have to dig that deep.  The thing is that often the same issue re-surfaces for me later on down the track and I have to tap around it all over again.  Oh the ways we think we are protecting ourselves 🙂

On the workshop Liz Hart talked about the importance of taking it down to zero and then checking it again by repaying the ‘movie’ of the event in your head to see if anything else comes up.  I won’t kid you this is not a quick process (well at least not so far for me) but it is so, so, so much more effective.  While on the workshop I decided to began tapping on a topic which I kept thinking about even though it was 30 years ago!! It was around a 5-6 so it wasn’t that emotionally charged yet I couldn’t seem to let the memory go.  I still felt odd around the people involved and still wanted to blame this one woman (then girl) however it all felt wrong and petty so hoped that tapping on it would help.  As I tapped I quickly got down to a zero using the ‘movie’ technique.  Yay, I thought…. sorted.  That is until I began playing the movie back and realised that I couldn’t even get past the first scene!

To make a long (I had to repeat the process a few times and keep tapping for a good 30 mins solid after my initial 10 mins tapping) and old story short I realised that it wasn’t even anything to do with ‘that girl’ and I had simply used her as a scape goat to cover what was really the issue…….. the stress I felt before the event and the argument I had with my mother after the event when I blamed ‘that girl’ for everything as a way to get out trouble.  Without getting to zero, re-playing the movie (and replaying it again several times) then stopping to tap as soon as emotions came up I would never have got to the root cause of my seemingly lack of forgiveness of certain events and people.

It was a great eye-opener and one that has made me change my actions.  I now record issues I begin tapping on and don’t have enough time to clear fully by simply write the ‘movie’ name in a notebook and the SUD rating I left it at and then returning to it when I have time.  Gary Craig suggests the same thing in his Personal Peace Procedure and it is so worth it.  Give it a go…. what do you have to loss except negative feelings!

Hope this finds you creating your own personal peace.





Mother’s Little Helper


Have you ever wanted a natural health guide of your children?

Do you love using kitchen cures to heal your little ones?

Have you wondered how Bach Flowers, Reflexology & EFT can be used with your children?

Do you want to incorporate natural healing into your days without a huge price tag?

Then Mother’s Little Helper is a must have for your book collection.  Discover easy, natural remedies and ideas for healing your children with Mother’s Little Helper by Yossarian Fay.  Yes, after a long bit of procrastination mixed in with work, children and crafting I have finally got my second e-book available online!

My latest offering in the land of e-books

My latest offering in e-book land

This book is loaded with ideas to help you to continue on your journey of Becoming Healthy while ensuring your children are staying healthy too. There are recipes for a chest rub and a healing balm, kitchen cures for all sorts, a section on using Bach Flower remedies with children, information on how to use EFT and also about the benefits of using reflexology with your children.

You can find it for only $1.50 (NZ) – or .99c (US) – at these ebook stores – Smashwords , Paper Plus, Kobo, Indigo Books and Music or Barnes and Nobles at the moment with more online shops being loaded soon.  For a taster of the start of the book have a look here – Mother’s Little Helper Taster.

I’m so pleased to finally get this one out there.  Hoping that you’ll love it as much as I do and that you’ll share, read and review it too 🙂

Hope this finds you enjoying the good things that surround you.




Our connection with food


Lately I’ve been doing a bit more EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) reading and whenever I do it always brings up new questions about how I relate to the world around me.

The book I have been reading is Jessica Ortner’s ‘The Tappping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence’.  It is a great book which talks about NOT how we can shift weight by dieting but about what our connect to food is and what beliefs we hold around food.  It encourages us to deal with and let go of all the negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs and connections we hold about our bodies, eating and food.  In doing so we begin to value ourselves and nourish our bodies accordingly.

Jessica Ortner's book

Jessica Ortner’s book

It has made me take time to discover my own triggers to eating, my own limiting beliefs about what is acceptable, my own beliefs about my body and my own emotions which I ‘stuff’ down with food because they are too painful to feel.  Even the way I eat certain foods – standing for morning tea because I feel that I should be busy elsewhere rather than having a snack with the kids – or the times I feel like I need food have been created out of my emotions and beliefs.

While tapping along with the scripts she has provided I found myself remembering things which I thought were long since dealt with. Yet as I tapped and remembered the pain came and I made connections between my actions now and those events of years ago.  It is amazing what we store and how those stored emotions and events then dictate how we act in the present.

Tapping (EFT) never ceases to amaze me and never ceases to shift my thinking to a more positive and calm state of mind.

Hope this finds you loving life, food and the body you’re in to the fullest.




Why I love the tools that I have ….


This week I thought I’d share something that happened to me, something that I found really interesting and a great reminder of how powerful emotions can be.

A couple of months ago we had a bit of a stray kitten issue at the back of our property.  To cut a long story short, two out of the five stray cats trapped and de-sexed have not ‘come around’ to be friendly enough to adopt. The only solution, in the SPCA’s eyes was to release them back to where they had come from, as a managed stray colony. As I trapped them the SPCA wanted me to come and collect them and be responsible for them.

The whole idea of me trapping the kittens was to get them off the property, protect the native birds we have around and not have a dog barking morning and night at said kittens feeding with our hens. I was not keen at all to have them back! I love cats, just right now I have enough animals, tame ones, to worry about.  Anyway after a conversation I said that unless I heard different from the SPCA I would collect the kittens in 2 weeks ….. instead of just saying ‘No, I don’t want them back’ I tried to keep the peace and everyone happy by saying ‘yes’.

The back of our property taken over by the kittens.

The back of our property taken over by the kittens.

I never heard any more.  All I could think about were those kittens coming back and having to care for them. The weekend before I was meant to collect them I started having pain when breathing (Louise Hay says lungs are about taking life in) but I could still do things and felt fine so didn’t think anything more. My eldest got unwell the week we were meant to collect, then I got busy and then the time and day I was meant to collect passed.  I waited for the phone call. I kept thinking about and dreading the phone call.

One day turned into two and I started to get a sore throat (Louise Hay says problems in the throat are about swallowed anger and inability to speak up for one’s self.). I told my husband about the kitten situation at which he said that I really should have picked them up as I had said. Major Guilt!!  He was right though… I always tell my kids to do what they say they will and here I was avoiding it. I was struggling with doing the ‘right’ thing for SPCA – taking the kittens off their full hands – and doing the ‘right’ thing for me – saying NO.

Five days after I should of picked up the kittens I had no voice….. literally I couldn’t speak.  My throat wasn’t sore, I didn’t feel that unwell, I just couldn’t get my voice out beyond a horse whisper. I know that emotions control our health and yet I never put the two events of kittens and throat together until I woke in the middle of the night after 3 days of no voice.

The kittens…. it was all about the kittens.  I was angry at myself for not saying no, I was angry at the kittens for not getting friendly (sad, but true folks), I was feeling guilty at not keeping my word and I was frustrated as all hell that I couldn’t do the right thing and keep everyone happy. I tapped on my fingers as I lay in bed about everything that was coming up till I feel asleep.

Low and behold, next morning I woke feeling awesome again! My voice had returned  to normal and I had a confidence in ringing the SPCA to let them know that I was sorry for not collecting the kittens and that I didn’t want the kittens, if at all possible.  I was so amazed that in finding the true root of the issue I was able to clear away my ‘health issues’ and also find confidence to say ‘no’ so quickly and with such ease.

Hand tapping points.

Hand tapping points.

It isn’t always as easy to find the root cause of issues and of course sometimes the ‘health issue’ really is a health issue. Yet even in those times emotions come into play and hinder our healing.  Trusting your intuition, or finding some quiet time to listen to our inner voice, is sometimes the key to solving the problems we face.  It can be hard, believe me I know, yet the resulting freedom is worth it.

I always believed in the power of emotions and EFT for healing, this was a fantastic reminder of just how grateful I am to have tapping as a tool.

Hope this finds you getting to the true root of your issues and benefiting for it.



What is all this tapping?


Ok so you may well be asking ‘What is all this tapping about and how can tapping on something actually achieve anything?’   Got to be honest here; the first time I tried it 9 years ago I wondered the same thing and thought it was all a bit weird.  I went along with it though and was amazed how quickly my feelings towards my fears dissipated and how much better I felt afterwards.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping is a fantastic self help tool which can help deal with cravings, pain, emotional, trauma and so much more!!  This is very basic guide as to what tapping is and how it works.

Getting started with the karate chop

Getting started with the karate chop

Emotional Freedom Technique, often known as tapping, is a form of psychological acupressure.  It works by using the meridian lines that run through the body as a basis of places to tap while verbalising problems, fears or emotions.  Just as acupuncture works to clear energy blocks so does EFT except without the needles, thankfully.  Talking about the issue then adds another level of clearance.  The points used in acupuncture are specific to the issue being dealt with however with EFT it was found that even by tapping on meridian points not specific to the issue there was still a huge benefit.  As a result a set sequence of points was created.

There are some basic steps to follow and then it is all about using this technique to your benefit.  NOTE:  The words you use are not important.  Well they are important so I should clarify that by saying there is no right or wrong thing to say.  You will have a chance to verbalise the problem and how you are feeling first and then a chance to say the positives you wish to have in your life.  Some people wonder why there is a need to focus on the negative when the ‘law of attraction’ dictates that you should focus on what you want.  I heard one EFT practitioner liken it to gardening in that you have to focus on the weeds and extracting them before you can get into the good stuff of planting seeds and watching them grow.  Makes sense, doesn’t it, even to a bad gardener like me.

How do I do this tapping stuff?

There is a sequence to follow however it is not complicated so don’t worry about it too much.  When I first started I always forgot bits and guess what…… it still worked and helped me through some pretty rough times.  I will explain the procedure and then give an example in italics for each main point.

Step 1 – Defining the issue and distress level

  • Think of the problem, situation or fear you which you would like to focus on and rate it from 0-10.  1 = no emotion attached while 10 = hugely emotional. i.e. You may think about  a function you have to organise and feel completely overwhelmed and angry as you remember last year so you would give yourself a 9 or 10.
  • You can also locate in your body where you feel this most along with giving it a colour. i.e. You can feel this in your shoulders and neck while it seems very red.
Tapping points.

Tapping points.

Step 2 – Set up statement

  • While tapping on the Karate Chop (see diagram above) repeat a ‘set up statement’ about the issue 3 times.
  • Set up statements have this pattern ‘Even though _______________ I deeply and completely accept myself and how I am feeling’.  i.e.  ‘Even though I have all these red angry feelings about this function and I feel so overwhelmed by it all I deeply and completely accept myself and how I am feeling’

Step 3 – Tapping Sequence

  • Now you will move through the points (see diagram below) tapping on each point around 7 times (don’t worry about counting them as while you talk you will tap around this amount anyway) while expressing your thoughts or feelings or saying a basic reminder. First will be the negative round/rounds (the clearing of the weeds) then the positive (the planting of the seeds)
  • So you could just say the same thing on each of the points i.e. ‘This overwhelm and anger’ or you could express whatever comes into your head i.e. Eyebrow point (EB) ‘This overwhelm and anger’. Side of the eye (SE) ‘Man I feel so angry.’ Under the eye (UE) They just leave it all up to me and then moan about what I’ve done.  Under the nose (UN) ‘I’m so angry at them all.’ Chin (CH) ‘and I’m angry at myself for letting them treat me this way.’ Collar Bone (CB) ‘I’m so angry.’ Under the Arm (UA) I feel so overwhelmed by all my emotions.’ Crown / Top of the head (TH) All these negative emotions are getting to me.’ 
  • This is one round of tapping.  Continue going like this until it feels natural to begin saying positive statements.  It may be only one round of negative or it could be 7!  Don’t rush it.  There is no point beginning on the positive if your subconscious is still focusing on clearing all the rubbish.  It is however important to take care of your personal well-being so if you feel that you are becoming too emotional take a break.  You can always come back to it when you are ready or try a topic that is a little less emotionally charged.
  • The other way to do it is to reassess your distress level after each round.  Rate how you feel from 0 – 10 after one round of verbalising the negatives. If you are still feeling higher than a 4 begin again.  This time though use the set up ‘Even though I still have this remaining _______ I deeply and completely accept myself and how I’m feeling.’  Do this until your distress is around 2-3 before going onto the positive round or more ideally a zero.
  • The positive round can just continue on from the negative round. There is no need to say a set-up statement again. Move through the points again now saying positives or possibilities about the situation.  i.e. Eyebrow point (EB) ‘Maybe this function could be different.’ Side of the eye (SE) ‘What if I just focused on one thing that does work or I do enjoy.’ Under the eye (UE) ‘Maybe I could ask for help this time.’ Under the nose (UN) ‘I’m sure someone would help by bringing a plate of food.’ Chin (CH) ‘I choose to ask at least one person to help me.’ Collar Bone (CB) ‘With help I know I would feel better about the tasks I have to do.’ Under the Arm (UA) ‘or at least I’d have someone to talk with about it all.’ Crown / Top of the head (TH) ‘Yes, this time I choose to ask for help so that I can enjoy this function more.’ 
  • Continue with another positive round if you wish so that you are really putting all those good thoughts in your head 😉

Step 4 – Re-assessing your distress level

  • After all the rounds of tapping (negative and positive) take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  • Re-assess your distress level.  This allows you to see the progress you are making and if it is still high this will indicate there is still bottled up emotions lurking. Play the ‘movie’ of the event/pain etc through and see if anything comes up.
  • Take your time working through issues till you feel that you are getting the relief you are looking for.  Some issues may be cleared up in a few rounds while others are like an onion and have many layers to peel back and unravel.
  • You will feel better with a distress level of under 3 however you deserve to be clear and free of the issue completely so keep going (could be over a few hours/day/weeks/months) till you are at 0 for your distress level.

NB:  Issues and things that come into your head while tapping or during the day can simply be tapped on then (even if you were on another topic) or written down for later tapping.

If you want to download a free guide then head over to www.eftuniverse.com

Hope this finds you tapping into a great week.



Exploring the comfort zone.


So as I mentioned in the last post we have been all over the place with things – namely our health.  Much of the roller-coaster has been me adjusting to working a few nights a week doing reflexology and the flow on effects of that.

My reflexology room.

My reflexology room.

I have been a little stressed to say the least in stretching myself to have clients while juggling everything else. There has been a bit of guilt too over not being present of the family and at the same time there is also the question of ‘do I really want to do this?’  I love what I do, (reflexology and naturopathy) it is just the small sacrifices that need to be made in order to achieve my dreams.  The rushed bed times, the juggling jobs, the watching the clock, the missing out on evening conversations and having my mind in yet another space.  It seems that the idea of working in your business enough to get an income is quiet difference from the reality and how that reality impacts on the family!

End result?  I lot of eating on my behalf to try and squash all the emotions swirling around and a lot of pent up stress which has flowed onto the family causing us all being a bit unwell and all over the place.

My 'comfort' nut brownies which are now sugar and wheat free.

My ‘comfort’ nut brownies which are now sugar and wheat free.

There is something to be said for ‘comfort’, it feels good and makes the world feel better.  Not just the comforts of a home, loving family and friends or money but also the comfort of staying safe, secure and not extending too far.  These last three can however often prove to be a double edged sword.  While being safe should be about making good choices, weighing up options and thinking things through before moving ahead, for me it often is about eating.  Somewhere in my subconscious I have equated food with comfort, security and safety. Somewhere in my subconscious I have equated moving ahead as a risky business, far too risky to do without a lot of food or other stimulants and there in lays the double edged sword and I know I’m not alone.

I understand that my sub conscious thinks it is doing me a favour, honestly I do, it is just that it is kind of exhausting.  Thankfully I have left many of my vices behind me so the food I scoff is relatively healthy and thankfully I am now aware, yay EFT and Bach Flowers :), of what I am doing.  With moving forward with the business and actually having clients I have been slipping back into bad habits and searching the cupboards a lot more than usual in a bid to feel a little safer!  The thing I notice, now that I am aware of my actions, is that these ‘sub-conscious safely’ habits of mine end much faster than they used to and also that I am much more aware of the unwanted after effects.

Thank goodness for my Bach Flower Remedy kit!!

Thank goodness for my Bach Flower Remedy kit!!

In being more aware of my actions I realise that they are exactly that, ‘actions’, not ‘me all the time’ just the actions I take when I am stressed.  I don’t know if I will ever rid myself of them and sometimes I wonder if I ever should, I mean they are part of my safety check after all and we all need a safety check of sorts.  When I begin to search the cupboards now though I know something is up and that I am at the outer limits of my comfort zone.  It allows me to take a step back, not from the cupboard always 🙂 , and think about what is happening.

So maybe from now on I will be a bit kinder to myself and my vices and realise they are trying to convey a message to me rather than sabotage my life.  Maybe in being a little kinder to them they will be a little kinder to me in visiting less frequently.

Hope this finds you exploring your own safety measures a little less harshly and resting easy with them.



One day till departure time…


Well it has arrived!  Yes, our move day is just one sleep away now and as I type this the house is fill with boxes (filled and empty), there is a lingering smell of cleaning products (desperately trying to get most of it done tonight) and themselves are snuggled into my bed where I will do be joining them.

Stacked and ready to load on the truck.

Stacked and ready to load on the truck

I am happy to say that while today truly tested my powers of calm, life has been very stress-less (until today :)).  The issues which surfaced just 6 weeks ago have long since gone as I have really focused on my health, partly due to the half marathon I ran a week ago (which was probably the thing that kept me on the healthy straight and narrow) and mostly because I just didn’t want to feel crap!

Coming up to the finish line of the half marathon.

Coming up to the finish line of the half marathon.

I realised sitting here just how far I have come in my health and wellbeing in a little over 2 years.  Where as before I would reach for energy drinks to keep me going, stay up late and eat for comfort I now aim for ways I can feel better about myself and happier in my days.  It isn’t always plain sailing however the rough patches have certainly lessened and become less frequent.

I can see that tapping, eating well, exercise, Bach Flowers, meditation and learning to love myself is a way of life now rather than a quick fix to be dropped once the going is good.  Writing on here and other online articles has really helped to remind me of that and the reward is a lot less stress in my days.

Hope this finds you enjoying a few stress-less days of your own.



Easing through the stress


Honestly there really isn’t that much to stress about with this move; we are getting packers, the house has been freshly painted, all the maintenance on the property is done, it is a landlord’s market here with hardly anything to rent, himself will be here pretty much until we move and the kids are old enough to help.  Yet, me being me I still find something to worry about and stress over!

Our house on the hill

Our house on the hill

Last shift (2.5 years ago) my eating wasn’t as good as it was now and I resorted to late nights mixed with V energy drinks and rescue remedy to see me through. This time I am in much better health and with the absence of sugar in my diet there will be no V this time around 🙂 However the stress has made an old problem re-surface; diverticulitis.

I have pretty much sorted this diverticular dis-ease, which I have had for close to a decade, with changing my life style and eating however in times of stress is does appear for short bursts with vengeance!  In these times I get tapping, keep up the exercise and Bach Flowers to help the emotional side and I usually revert to a gluten free, diary free, increased liquids along with a nut and seed free way of eating which equates to a fairly dull old meal time.

So imagine my delight when I read a great wee recipe in my running magazine for a yummy wee ‘pancakes’ which fit into the above criteria!  I thought I would share it here because they really were very easy, yummy and best of all healthy 🙂

Coconut and Banana Pancakes

Thanks to Runners World Magazine – November 2014

  •  2 bananas
  • 45g ground almonds
  • 15g desiccated coconut
  • 1 egg
  1.  Mash bananas (just realised I did both when the recipe says one and to use the other for a topping – still yummy though) in a bowl and stir in the ground almonds and coconut.
  2.  Beat in the egg. (Recipe says to add in milk to make a batter however in using both bananas in the recipe I didn’t do this).
  3. Heat some oil in a frying pan and place a few teaspoonful amounts into the pan, keeping them separate.
  4. Cook for 3-4 minutes until golden underneath and then flip over and cook till the other side is golden.
  5. Serve as they are for a yummy morning tea or top with a drizzle of honey and  sliced banana for an easy dessert.
  6. Enjoy

Hope this finds you all happy, healthy and pain-free 🙂