Brave or Crazy?!


Many times on our travels as we talk to others about our life on the bus I have had people say to me, ‘ oh, I wish I was as brave as you’.  Others, I can see by the look in their eye, think we are completely off our rockers!  I’m pretty sure the ones who think we are a ‘few sandwiches short of a picnic’ are only curious to have a look so that they can go home, take stock of all the luxuries they won’t live without and congratulate themselves on not being as mental as us 😉


Visiting the longest place name in the world

I’m not sure if it is brave or crazy (though I’d probably verge on the latter) however I do know that throughout my life I have done this many times …. thought of something I wanted to do and then just got on with making it a reality.  Anything less would somehow feel like a watered down version of life.  Bad stuff can happen where ever you are; whether you stay at home or not, whether you take risks or not, whether you travel or stay put.  It is a fact of life that  things change and how we deal with those changes can make it a positive or negative experience.

One thing I do know about the life we are living now is that it is allowing our family to experience many more of the wonderful things that life and people have to offer.  It is certainly a great way to counterbalance all those negative stories in the papers, the ones that breed fear and uncertainty.  People, on the whole, are good and life is thriving all around us when we take time to look and listen.  Our children are seeing all the amazing things our country and people have to offer along with some of the issues which we don’t deal with and try to sweep under the carpet.


Ahuriri Estaury

My point?  That giving things a go is worth it.  Making your ideas a reality can be life changing either through you deciding to go ahead or realizing that ‘dream/goal/idea’ actually wasn’t for you after all. So go on … make the most of each day if only to put your toe in the water of possibilities.



Hmmm….. maybe not that way?!


I love rice, I really do. Honestly I could eat it everyday, if my family were willing, and still not be sick of it.  It was fantastic while travelling in Asia to indulge and to be one of the majority rather than the minority that I currently am in this household.

So when yet another person told me that they had rice for breakfast I decided it was time for me to scrap the Rice Flake porridge and try the real stuff!  I had thoughts of delicious rice pudding cooked in Rice milk – yes even my milk is rice 😉 – and eagerly ventured into the kitchen.  In went the rice and the milk and on went the pot. Very quickly the pot was a bit on the dry side so in went more milk. Then more milk, then more and yet more again!!  By now you will realise that I am not a ‘Master Chef’ in the making nor will I ever be yet I was determined to have my rice breakfast so I preserved. 😉

I was having my doubts as to ever getting fed when, after nearly 1 litre of rice milk was used and at least 20 mins (I lost track of time by this point in my concern over having enough milk) had passed,  the rice looked like it was beginning to be ready.  Just as culinary skills elude me so does patience on many a day.  Close enough was good enough for this girl, at this point, with 2 hungry kids waiting for breakfast!  Hmmmm….. maybe not the way to cook rice in the mornings?!

It was, I must say, worth waiting for though and I really enjoyed it – the eating part that is 😉 So tomorrow I will try, try again this time with water to start and then add in the yummy milky bits after. I’d love to hear any suggestions from all you breakfast rice eaters out there too.

Hope this finds you happy and healthy, with a bit more culinary nouse than I possess 🙂