Love getting something for Free?



Do you like gifts?

I’m honoured, for the next few days, to be part of a fantastic Gift-a-thon which is giving away loads off gifts, totalling $1400!  I am just one of a group of creative entrepreneurs who are offering a great collection of offers in an event called Midsummer Madness. There are 38 gifts altogether, tools for mind, body, soul, and business.

Midsummer Madness Gift-a-thon from Creative Radiant Love is simply amazing and with offers only lasting till 21 June you should head over there now!! . The wonderful mastermind behind this brilliant promotional and gifting event is Angelique Mrozocka. Angie is a book publisher, founder of Mrozocka Media and Creative Radiant Love and has recently launched a new business, eBook Aviatrix.

There are no catches, just a chance to learn, receive and benefit from the knowledge of 38 professionals. There is a range of offers – e-books, e-courses, discounts, videos and more.

There are so many wonderful gifts here that you’d be crazy not to at least have a look.  Go on, you know you want to!!! Creative Radiant Love  is ready to share gifts-a-plenty in the amazing Midsummer Madness Gift-a-thon.