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Life Lessons for the Living

In my life there have been many stories that I have shared with those who matter and some with those who don’t. In fact, I can think of only one story that my children haven’t heard the full detail of.  In my mind it is the one story that would be better told by another, if at all.  In all my stories though there are themes which often repeat themselves; life lessons that are presented to me continuously.  Some have had to be presented via a proverbial ‘brick to the head’ while others have simmered away growing in strength as time goes by. So, if I had only a year to live the story I would tell is ‘Life Lessons for the Living.’ …… Click here to read more.

Using Bach Flowers

Many people have heard of Rescue Remedy however some are unaware of the other remedies within this system. Bach designed these to be used by all however he did intend them to be used in a particular way. When used as Bach intended the flower remedies are an incredibly powerful and safe tool to aid healing and help in personal development.  Around the turn of the century……. Click here to read more.

The Power of Reflexology (as seen on School of Natural Health Sciences)

Using foot and hand massage as a healing tool has been around, in varying forms, for centuries.  In fact there is evidence in the form of illustrations that show the Ancient Egyptians used foot and hand massage as a way of activating the healing powers of the body.  It was also a long established principle that energy lines ran through the body and that when these energy lines were clear the person was in good health and when they were blocked the person suffered in one way or another.  While this knowledge ….. Click here to read more.

Keeping on top of things (as seen on Catch a Kiwi)

Our health depends on many things but maybe two of the most important are the body’s ability to circulate blood and lymphatic fluid.  The importance of blood you likely know however the Lymphatic system is just as important as it is this system which helps defend the body against disease by clearing waste and toxins, by helping maintain fluid balance in the tissues and by absorbing fats from the intestines to transport back to the blood.  Unlike the circulatory system in which blood flows the lymphatic system in which lymph fluid flows doesn’t have a pump and needs us to move in order to have the lymph fluid move, it relies on movement of your muscles to keep it flowing. …..Click here to read more.

Let Food be thy medicine.

For many of us much of our time on Earth is focused on maintaining good health or more specifically, avoiding illness and disease. On every supermarket and shop shelf are numerous products either helping us avoid disease or helping us deal with it when we are ‘struck down’. Traditionally healing herbs, any plant which contains healing properties, were used to keep the body strong or to aid the body after illness… Click here to read more.

Why Stress and Worry? (as seen on Catch a Kiwi)

So often we increase our stress levels simply by worrying about everything we have to do,  what others think or that we are not living up to our potential while everyone else around us seem to have their lives sorted. Truth is that if we had an opportunity to take even the tiniest peek into those ‘other lives’ we would recognize the same fears, worries, un-decidedness and underlying troubles we ourselves have. …… Click here to read more.

The Benefits of Bach Flower Remedies

While Bach Flower Remedies are able to work will all other treatments, supporting them where necessary, there are many advantages to using Bach Flower Remedies over other types of treatments. They are a safe positive method of bring balance back into the body without any concerns of overdose or side effects that can be used by everyone. Click here to read more.

Creating a Stress – Less Life (As seen in Resonate E-magazine)

We all know about stress right? I mean, in this busy, online, interconnected world where there is a ‘need’ to update, up-skill or up our performance daily there is hardly a moment that goes by without stress! I doubt that there is anyone reading this who has not felt the weight of stress on their shoulders at some time or another. Click here to read more. 

TNT (Today’s Negotiable Trio) or de-cluttering your to do list (as seen in Resonate e-mag)

I recently read an article about trying to swim in all the ‘good stuff’ of life and yet ending up with our heads just below the surface, drowning in our endless list of good things to do. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be doing anything, that would kind of defeat the purpose of growing ourselves, just that maybe it is time to look at how much good we have, how much good we want, how much good we actually need and how much good we could release. Click here to read more

The Beauty of Youth

I remember as a child hearing the quote “all that glitters is not gold” and thinking ‘that’s me’. Pretty on the outside and horrible inside. I know now that the quote was not talking about my internal health however as a child I never separated internal physical health from internal emotional or mental health………Click here to read more.

How can I get it all done?

A big part of home educating or having kids at home full time is all the juggling that needs to be done. Juggling feeding with cleaning, washing with dressing, cooking with chores. With a little change in focus and tactic it is completely possible to end the day feeling happy, health and with a sense of achievement. Click here to read more.

Building a Business around a Life (First seen in Resonate eMag issue #1)

So the plan was to write a lovely little piece about how I am managing to have a business from home while home-educating our kids and running the house. The plan was also to talk about how I allow a certain amount of time for the business and how I keep our kid’s bed-times strict. That was the plan. Yet as I sit here ……. Click here to read more.

Renewing the Spark (as seen in Catch a Falling Star e-magazine)

What I’m writing here isn’t new; in fact there are loads of articles, books and videos about it. The thing is that it is a topic worthy of talking about often, even daily because it is needed just as frequently. It is the topic of renewing that spark that first got us all excited about our businesses, projects and events in our lives. Click here to read more. 

10 Ways to Stay Sane this Christmas

Here a few suggestions, in no particular order, of ways that you can retain your sanity this December and get through Christmas happily. Some may grab your attention more than others and some may work for you better than others. Give some of them a go and you might just be surprised how relaxed your Christmas can be. Click here to read more.

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