On the road again…..


Well after nearly 2.5 years living on ‘The West Coast’ we will be moving northwards to live again on the west coast of the North Island.  It is a bit of a reoccurring theme for us it has to be said, every 2-3 years we get itchy feet and move.  Sometimes it is travel and other times, like now, it is a change in jobs and location.

Our home for the past 2 and a bit years.

Our home for the past 2 and a bit years.

I actually love moving though. Truly I do!  ‘The minimalist’ in me is able to come out of the closet and enjoy the limelight; clearing, sorting, de-cluttering, giving away, discarding and cleaning up all of the things ‘The hoarder’ part of me has collected over the past couple of years 🙂

So it is time for a Spring clean here and I thought I would put in place something that himself was telling me about;  the 5 S system he had learnt. It is an interesting way of looking at organisation in the workplace however I think it also has a bit of merit at home too. So I thought I’d share it here as another de-cluttering tool.

The 5 S system

  1.  Structurize (organisation) – throw away any rubbish. Items which are broken or that you haven’t gotten around to using for years.  Are you keeping things just in case? Do you really need them? Clear out the junk – give it away to someone in need or the rubbish bin.
  2. Systematize (neatness) – can you find what you want in your home within 1 min (30 secs in the workplace)? If not why not?  What needs to be cleared or sorted so that you can find what you want when you want it?

    A good idea we use for storing toys and kids things. Thanks to Chic Tip for the photo

    A good idea we use for storing toys and kids things. Thanks to Chic Tip for the photo which looks so much prettier than my actual ones 🙂

  3. Santize (cleaning) – delegate tidying and cleaning responsibilities to those who own the ‘stuff’. Make sure everyone is looking after their own property so that everyone can find theirs.
  4. Standardize (standardization) – are you all working on the same ‘guidelines’ of living?  Does everyone know and agree on what to do with washing/rubbish/shoes etc? Work out a system that works for everyone in the household so that work is reduced further down the track.
  5. Self discipline (discipline) – stick to the 4 S’s above and life will be a lot less cluttered and stressful – especially when you are about to move house 🙂

Hope this finds you all happy, healthy and enjoying life.



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