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Here is New Zealand ANZAC day (25 April) is fast approaching.  It is an important day of remembrance in New Zealand and Australia every year however this year is even more important as it marks 100 years since ANZAC troops (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) landed in Gallipoli.

Anzac hat

Thanks to whoever took this picture!

This day has been part of our country’s tradition since it began in 1916, remembering thousands of young soldiers who lost their lives. Since the first commemoration it now incorporates all wars and all of the New Zealand men and women who gave their lives.

This year the kids and I took part in a local project to make 2721 poppies.  One hand made poppy – knitted, crocheted, sewn or loom banded – for each New Zealander who fell at Gallipoli.

Poppies knitted by local kids for the display.

Poppies knitted by local kids for the display.

Today we popped into the local library to view the display and were delighted by how great they all looked together, representing community spirit as well as remembering those who lost their lives. The kids and I added our words to the ‘100 word collection’ wall and we stood in silence looking, reading and thinking.

There were also a few posters around from the war.  Many trying to encourage young men to enlist however one was focused at those left behind.  It gave words of advice on food, giving a few tips on how to survive, I guess, the scarcity of certain items which war time brings and I was interested to see the words are is still just as relevant today.

Wise words even now 100 years later.

Wise words even now 100 years later.

It brought back thoughts of what my Mum had told me about war time rationing and the recipes they used.  It also reminded me of one of the great ways the kids and I have been keeping ANZAC day special by only baking ANZAC biscuits at this time of the year.  It is a special time of remembrance, which people mark in their own ways, and so very important so that our children don’t forget the horrors of war and repeat our ancestors actions.

I hope this finds you remembering family, friends and loved ones and revelling in good memories.



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