I’m definitely not a hot house flower like my mum used to be. I’m happiest in winter, it has to be said or in the cooler autumn and spring sun. Our writing group topic from last week triggered me to think about how my mum would sit out in the sun and ‘bake’ at any opportunity while I would rather view it early in the morning on a walk, from the shade of a tree or indoors. I remember when we were travelling in South America, often being covered from head to toe , in a bid to avoid getting too much sun much to the amusement of our fellow travellers. I’m lucky though in that I’m not quick to burn rather my skin continues to brown and look a bit leathery ….. so maybe vanity also plays a part in all of it too.

Sunset walks on the beach

Though I had never really given the importance of sunshine much thought when I was younger, it was when I went flatting that I suddenly had a whole new perspective on it. When you have to pay your own bills you realize that having some natural warmth during the day can make a huge difference to your wallet …. and recreational abilities 🙂 Having a flat which only got a sliver of sunshine each day and then only in summer, which the cat usually monopolized, I quickly understand how essential sunshine was. From then on I would always look for sunny accommodation and where possible only move in Winter so I could see it at its worse!

Living on the bus too brought with it the focus of ensuring we had enough sunshine each day. As nearly everything on the bus is solar it was often a juggle on hot summer days between having the ability to run lights and charge items or bake in our little tin (actually aluminum) can. Usually we baked which would drive us out into the sunshine to find shade elsewhere, themselves all reveling in it and me covered in a sarong ‘shawl’, hat and glasses. In Winter we would often dabble with moving just to get the sunshine on our solar panels in a bid to keep the bus toasty warm.

The dog making the most of our shade

I admit too that without some sunshine in my life the days can feel a bit dismal. There is no denying that it brightens up the day, making me feel happier and healthier, and many people feel the same too with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) impacting many people’s lives. In fact,, we need sunshine on our skin to produce Vitamin D and to help our immune systems function correctly, helping our T-cells to move around the body. Not getting enough sunshine on our skins to prompt the body to produce Vitamin D, can even lead to muscle and joint pain, and doctors have documented a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and increased instances of heart attack, stroke and heart failure, as well as multiple sclerosis.

So while I’m not for being in it too much I am mindful to continue with those morning walks to get my daily dose 🙂 I hope this finds you getting your dose of sunshine too whether it be a waning autumn one or a warming Spring one.



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